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Indian pariah dog Temperament and Lifespan

You may be surprised by the fact that this breed is one of the few of the only pure breeds that can be found in India. This means that people didn't intervene in the breeding of these dogs. These village dogs are great pets for the family. If you need a devoted dog, then stop searching and adopt the puppy which can be taken from the street or the shelter. But not all dogs can be called Indian Pariah Dogs.

The dogs have a cautious temperament. They can easily adapt to any Indian weather. These dogs have many benefits and the main is their health as they can be called a hardy breed with the great health. The dog is a good choice for the family with kids and they are very sociable and friendly. The lifespan of these dogs may vary from 13 to 15 years.

How Much Does an Indian pariah dog Cost and Price Range

You will be glad to find out this this dog can become yours for free as you can find it at the asylum for dogs and provide the dog with the cozy home or you can take it from the street. These dogs are naturally selected and are available for everyone who loves dogs and consider them to be your friends.

Indian pariah dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

As for the colors of these dogs you can meet any colour here! The colour combinations can be different. The coat usually has an undercoat. They have short dense hair. Their weight is about 20-30 kg. And the height is 27-32 inches.

Indian pariah dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The Indian dog has many various names; the pye dog, pie dog or the pi dog. These are breeds that are naturally selected in the Indian sub-continent. It doesn't matter how to call these dogs as they are the smartest and the oldest breed with the Indian soil. The dogs can be easily trained as they are enough intelligent to master various commands. They are sociable and can be even a nanny of your kid as they love playing with children. The only case it can show aggression is when it defends his family members.

The Indian Pariah dog got its name long ago, in the British era. The name came from the pariah tribe of Tamil Nadu who was considered an outcast. However, modern times differ and these wrong connotations don't refer to the modern canine world.