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Brazilian Terrier Temperament and Lifespan

Brazilian Terrier is a very young breed (early XX century) which was bred in Brazil. This is a cute dog with an intelligent appearance which is characterized by the considerable dexterity and fearlessness. This breed has distinctive brown markings on head and ears. This is a very active and playful and affectionate dog.

It is a universal breed, as it is used as a hunter, the shepherd, the hunter for rodents, sports companion and just a sweet and sociable friend of a family. In addition, the Brazilian terrier is a great guardian and it can always be relied on, read tuft and needle mattress. Sometimes this terrier can be quite noisy. The dogs of this breed usually live about 12-13 years.

How Much Does a Brazilian Terrier Cost and Price Range

The average price for the dog is about $1500. The price depends on the breeder and the dog's quality as the show quality dogs cost a bit more than ordinary pet quality puppies. You shouldn't try to save on the pet as the lower price may mean the absence of the documents proving the pedigree of the dog.

Brazilian Terrier Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The height at the withers for males is 35-40 cm and females - 33-38 cm. The weight for both sexes is maximum 10 kg. The dogs are usually white with black and brown spots and characteristic reddish markings. Outside their homeland Brazilian Terrier became known a few years ago. In 1995, it was recognized by the FCI. A characteristic feature of this breed is a typical brownish markings on the head and ears, making it easy to distinguish it. The exact origin of the Brazilian Terrier can speak only presumably. It is likely that it is descended from fox terriers and other dogs imported to Brazil by ship, where they were kept as rat-catchers.

Brazilian Terrier Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Unlike most terriers, Brazilian Terrier is not so cocky and more obedient. And despite the fact that this dog has a great wit, intelligence and memory, there are difficulties in training, especially for the beginner. It is advisable to use the services of an experienced trainer, because these dogs are not so much trying to please the owner, like many other species and they are stubborn (though to a lesser extent than other terriers). It is better to use the methods of training based on praise than punishment and brutality. Brazilian Terrier demonstrates good abilities in a variety of "dog" sports, achieving great results. They learn all sorts of tricks easily.